Navicon has completed the scaling of the STADA field employee management system


			Navicon has completed the scaling of the STADA field employee management system			Navicon has completed the scaling of the STADA field employee management system

The systems integrator and developer Navicon has implemented the Navicon Pharma CRM system scaling project at STADA. This has allowed more than 300 employees at Takeda, who joined the STADA team, to start working on time and to quickly adapt to a modern format that includes remote visits to clients.

In 2018, Navicon implemented its own Microsoft Dynamics 365-based solution at Navicon the pharmaceutical company, STADA. The Navicon Pharma CRM solution helped to structure the work of all the specialists involved. Employees working in the field received tools for planning marketing and administrative activities, and managing the client’s ‘profile’. In turn, STADA managers were able to better manage the work of medical representatives and align it with a common marketing strategy.

At the end of 2019, STADA acquired a portfolio of 20 over-the-counter and prescription medicines from the pharmaceutical company Takeda, which were registered in Russia and the CIS, and planned to start promoting them within a few months. In order to achieve this, around 300 specialists from Takeda joined the team at STADA. So as to get to work, the new employees had to move from the application installed at Takeda to Navicon Pharma CRM. Thus, more than 200 medical representatives from Takeda were able to join the more than 400 specialists at STADA who were already using the solution.

Navicon optimised the system, so as to ensure that it was not difficult for new users to log in. A load test was carried out, with a simulated load comparable to the simultaneous work of up to 1000 users in mobile and static applications. This audit identified and resolved weaknesses in the system. For example, the number of records for the largest tables has been optimised, the storage horizons for business activity information have been revised, and the mode of operation of the database has been changed. The system also passed the audit from the vendor, Microsoft, prior to the addition of new users. In turn, STADA employees set up the Navicon Pharma CRM to channel their work in new directions. As a result of the collaborative work between Navicon and STADA, the system’s fault tolerance was increased, and new users were able to connect to it. Navicon Pharma CRM currently supports approximately 700 users running the system simultaneously, without the need to increase production capacity.

“The system needed to be upscaled and tested as quickly as possible. The results of the project are already visible – the load on Navicon Pharma CRM has increased by a factor of 1.5, and the system is successfully handling it without lowering its speed or performance,” says Evgeny Smirnov, Commercial Director and Pharma & FMCG Partner at Navicon.

“Microsoft encourages the creation of partnership solutions that give competitive advantages to companies from different industries. The implementation of advanced technology is the first step towards increasing the competitiveness, productivity, potential and profit of our clients. Using a Microsoft Dynamics 365-based solution from Navicon has allowed STADA to increase efficiency on every level of the business: its technology platform, business processes and employees,” says Aleksandr Belenky, Director of Partner Relations at Microsoft Russia.

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