Project for Bayer

Implementation of a secondary sales processing system in 14 days

An easy and convenient system to process secondary sales data
2 weeks

Project goals

Reduce the time spent on consolidating, processing and cleansing the data coming from distributors and pharmacy chains
Check the accuracy of the data provided by pharmacy chains
Analyse the secondary sales point-by-point
Assess medical representatives' efficiency
Track the stock balance at distributors' warehouses
Analyse the data by regional branches
Compare regional plans with actual sales
Keep obtaining up-to-date information on secondary sales

Project features

The use of Microsoft SQL Server MDS (Master Data Services) to manage reference data
Consolidating the data from distributors' reports with the CRM data
The use of Pyramid Analytics system for data visualisation
Record timing (2 weeks)
Flexible possibilities for solution scaling


Results in figures


The time required to prepare sales reports has been reduced to 10 minutes
Results in figures


distributors' reports and 90 pharmacy reports are processed every day
Results in figures




«The implemented system has allowed us to significantly cut expenses and reduce the amount of time spent on secondary sales data and stock balance data consolidation. When we were processing information manually, it would take about half an hour to standardise one report, now it takes 5-10 minutes. One just needs to indicate the logic of data storage in a report, after which the system will automatically load all the reports of similar structure. We have appreciated the professionalism and high quality of work of Navicon experts and are planning to continue our collaboration»
Natalya Lastochkina, controller-analyst at Bayer prescription department in Russia

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