Project for Russian Sea

Cloud-based automation of secondary sales data management

Automate the process of collecting the data on partner distributors' sales and stocks
3 months (for the pilot project)

Project goals

Reduce the time needed for checking/correcting sales data and coordinating it with the distributors
Consolidate secondary sales data in the single repository
Design a tool to analyse the data on secondary sales and product promotion channels, as well as to figure out relevant KPIs for partners
Automate the planning of goods manufacturing and supplying
Coordinate various accounting systems, reduce the number of errors and double entries in reports

Project features

Navicon TDC business software was deployed in Microsoft Azure cloud environment
The business processes of collecting, systemizing and analysing secondary sales data became fully automated in regard to one of the distributors
The embedded ETL Rabbit module converts the information collected from various accounting systems into the unified format, and also eliminates double data entries
The sales data is updated daily
The distributors' employees can access the data as well as Russian Sea analysts and employees
The cloud environment reduces the costs of the hardware setup, license purchasing and internal IT infrastructure support
The customer company, the distributor company, and the Navicon implementation team have developed trilateral cooperation on the matter


One-size-fits-all solution to collect and cleanse secondary sales data
Results in figures


While verifying outlet addresses in the official Russian address register of FIAS (KLADR), Navicon SalesOut system recognized over 76% of them automatically
Results in figures


users have been working with the system
Results in figures


It took only 3 months to link up Russian Sea and one of the company distributors to the service deployed in Microsoft Azure cloud


«After the implementation of the new system, we were able to make decisions several times faster than before. The quality and accuracy of the decisions have also improved significantly since the data is now clean and it's possible to obtain it faster. As a result of the pilot project, we decided to continue our cooperation with Navicon and link up all our distributors to the system by the end of 2017».
Tatiana Miroshnichenko, analyst at Russian Sea company

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