Project for Gazprom Gazenergoset

Implementation of an ESB and a master data management system

Automate the process of data interchange between the information systems of the head office and the branches
Closing date
November 2011

Project goals

Synchronize master data across the accounting systems used in the head office and all the subsidiaries
Automate the import of the aggregated data from the subsidiaries' accounting systems to the corporate data warehouse located in the head office
Automate data collection from the company's LPG filling stations, and the data import to local accounting systems
Automate the company's end-to-end business processes

Project features


All the accounting systems have been integrated into a single unified information space
Results in figures


Consolidated reports are collected from the subsidiaries 2 times a day
Results in figures


company branches are interchanging their data in an automatic mode


«This project is very important for us. JSC Gazprom Gazenergoset is actively increasing the sales of LPG fuel through its own chain of the filling stations, and keeps opening new LPG filling stations. In 2010, we've sold around 6.7 million tons of fuel, having increased our sales by nearly 30%. We have reached such figures not only because we have expanded the scope of our activities and the geography of our presence, but also due to the measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of our company: we've been optimizing our business processes, the logistics of our supplies, and the corporate management system. An inherent part of our strategy is the integration of our accounting systems into a single unified information environment. As a result, we got an essential business tool which brings our business to a whole new level».
Pavel Toymentsev, Chief Information Officer at JSC Gazprom Gazenergoset (till 2016)

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