Project for OMS

Marketing and management for professional services

Full and timely understanding of the clients' needs, expectations, and satisfaction with the services
3 months

Project goals

Provide efficient support to the current clients
Maintain the sales processes
Acquire new clients

Project features

A client database which supports the complex hierarchic structure of the serviced companies and contact persons
Planning and monitoring of client-related targets
Planning of interactions with the clients
Analysis of the needs of the serviced facilities
'Email capturing': binding the letters in the corporate email system to CRM data entries
'Client acquisition': the monitoring of how the deals progress along the sales pipeline


The interactions with the current clients are being monitored in regard to their quality and quantity at all levels. The process of client attraction is being flexibly analysed.
Results in figures


thousand facilities are being managed by OMS
Results in figures


employees across all of the OMS branches are taking advantage of the CRM system
Results in figures


thousand interactions with clients are registered daily by the system


«We've been already using a CRM system to organize the service for our current clients, and having decided to implement a new block of it we were expecting rapid quality improvement. And that's been the case indeed. The CRM enabled us to resolve a number of complicated issues related to client attraction. The job of the sales persons has become much more effective and predictable. We've got a convenient tool for sales monitoring. The company management can now forecast the revenue very accurately, depending on the stages of the eventual deals».
Victor Naishuller, the President at OMS

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