Project for Ipsen

Automation of sales planning

Upgrade the planning of sales and the reporting
Closing date
May 2017

Project goals

Create a flexible tool for sales planning and budgeting
Enable the company to manage all of its plans (the yearly operational plan, 5-year strategic plan, and the rolling sales budget for 18 months) in a single system
Minimize the amount of errors that occurred due to manual data input
Centralize all data on the planning and tracking of sales through partner networks

Project features

Quick implementation (5 months)
Integration with Navicon TDC (Trade Data Consolidation, formerly Navicon SalesOut) as well as with the corporate data warehouse
Data processing on all of the company branches and distributors in real time
Automatic adjustment of forecasts and budgets in case of changes in the rate of exchange, prices, or current dynamics of the distributor sales
Quick search for the difference between the partners' actual sales/stocks and the planned figures

Live system


The client obtained a convenient tool to plan several versions of the budget with the adjustable level of detail. Besides, the company got enabled to quickly consolidate partner data and to build forecasts of higher precision.


«All of the company plans – the yearly plan, the plan for 5 years, and the rolling plan for 18 months – are now visible in a single system so the user doesn't have to switch between them. Thanks to the new system, we have centralized the management and got the 'single version of the truth' for the whole company. While formerly with Excel, some figures could be incorrect and they were difficult to check, now the algorithms and data are unified for everyone. The implemented solution saves us time and effort, as it automates the preparation of our budget and enables us to make decisions that are more deliberate».
Petr Ivanov, Eastern Europe End User Services manager, IPSEN

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