Project for NovaMedica

Field sales monitoring

Automate the field sales
24 days

Project goals

Centralize the management of the company field force (medical reps, regional managers)
Improve the monitoring of the remote staff's work
Increase the efficiency of the company personnel in the regions
Ensure on-the-spot monitoring of how the marketing campaigns are going in the regions

Project features

Record timing
Integration with Resco Mobile CRM
A special system to register planned/actual visiting activity of the medical reps


Results in figures


The customer base grew by 30%
Results in figures


The amount of collected/processed customer data grew by 60%
Results in figures


The system was in operation 3 weeks and a half after the start of the project


«Our company has been developing rapidly: in 2017, we have completed the clinical trial of our first own drug, launched the Technology Center to produce innovative medical drugs, and began the construction of a pharmaceutical plant in the Kaluga Region. The rapid pace of growth requires quick and professional implementation of innovative technology to optimize the company business processes. And it took us just 24 days to obtain a convenient CRM solution tailored to the specifics of the pharma business. Today, the number of our employees using the solution productively exceeds 100».
Alexey Volkonskiy, IT Director at NovaMedica

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