Project for Sotex «PharmFirm»

Data import automation, secondary sales analysis

Consolidate and analyse the data on distributors' sales
Closing date
November 2012

Project goals

Speed up the import and cleansing of secondary sales data
Ensure timely analysis of the gathered data
Analyse the secondary sales up to the final salespoint
Increase the level of detail of the reports
Reduce the time required to process regular reports
Promptly analyse the stocks for various products
Consolidate the sales data from the distributors' reports

Project features

Automated processes of secondary sales data import, cleansing and normalization
The support of reports in any format
The automatic cross-check of postal address lines with KLADR (the official Russian state address database)


Results in figures


hour to process daily reports
Results in figures


days to process monthly reports
Results in figures


hour to process weekly reports


«We chose Navicon after an event held by the company where we could appreciate its specialists' expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. Besides, Navicon has its own solution which automates the processing of secondary sales data. That said, the solution had already proved successful in practice. This helped us to significantly reduce the project duration».
Andrey Smirnov, Head of Analysts Department at Sotex «PharmFirm»

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