Project for R-Pharm

CRM-based automation of pharmaceutical field force

A convenient system to monitor medical representatives' work and assess their performance
Closing date
September 2016

Project goals

Design a unified directory to store the most complete data on the clients and organizations (health care facilities, pharmacies)
Develop an easy-to-use, productive system that would categorize clients automatically
Shorten the time required to redistribute the clients between the employees in-charge
Track the visits and ensure the reporting
Automate the tools of the trade for the medical reps
Assess the medical reps' performance

Project features

Navicon Pharma CRM is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 platform
End-to-end automation is ensured by the means of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft BI
The medical representatives' duties are automated at every stage, including the scheduling/monitoring of the visits and the recording of the results
The user-friendly mobile interface is compatible with Windows 10 Mobile
The flexible access settings are based on the users' geographical area and their position in the corporate hierarchy
The clients are automatically assigned to the medical reps on the basis of an address classifier
The KPIs and client-related performance for each employee, as well as the consolidated performance for the whole department, area, or product line, can be tracked in real time


Results in figures


The activities of the pharmaceutical sales force are automated in 3 main respects: the accounting based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, the marketing/sales monitoring based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the analytical reports based on Microsoft BI and QlikView
Results in figures


The information search is 1.5 to 2 times faster than before
Results in figures


R-Pharm employees are using the system


«Before the start of the project, Navicon has been successfully audited by our experts in terms of its compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard. Navicon Pharma CRM is the optimal solution for R-Pharm marketing and field force management, being an industry-specific solution developed exactly for the pharmaceutical sector. That's why, based on the results achieved in the first months of using the CRM in Russia, we decided to do the same project at our office in Kazakhstan».
Fedor Karpov, Head of Sales Effectiveness Department at R-Pharm

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