Project for R-Pharm

Data warehouse and BI implementation

Integrate several internal and external data sources in order to provide the commercial and financial departments with consolidated reporting
9 months

Project goals

The analysis of the pharmaceutical sales' efficiency
Consolidated reports for the commercial, accounting, economics, and financial departments
The comparison of the internal and external data sources
The analysis of the company performance in the market

Project features

Turnkey connector/data warehouse structure for pharmaceutical companies
The integration of more than 7 different data sources (MS Axapta, MS Access, CRM, Excel files, TXT files)
The combined use of Microsoft BI and QlikView technologies according to a specific task


Consolidated reporting, convenient tools to analyse the company's sales efficiency and market performance, rapid strategic adjustability
Results in figures


times faster reporting
Results in figures




«The BI implementation project continued R-Pharm cooperation with Navicon, the systems integrator that deeply understands the pharmaceutical specificity, knows the internal processes or our company, and offers a number of industry-specific solutions. All of this was of huge importance to us. The implementation of data warehouse and BI systems provided our company with the rapid reporting for different departments, real-time information on the main performance figures, faster and better decision-making. It's already possible to say that the new system saves R-Pharm a lot of effort and significantly increases our competitive ability. We are grateful to Navicon for the successful cooperation, and we hope to develop it further».
Fedor Karpov, Head of Sales Effectiveness Department at R-Pharm

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