Project for DeltaCredit

Mortgage banking automation with CRM

Full-cycle automation of the mortgage loan process
Navicon Retail Banking
5 months

Project goals

Make the registration and allocation of client applications easier
Speed up the mortgage loan process
Increase the transparency of communications with clients during the whole mortgage loan process
Get operational analytics on mortgage loan deals
Plan consultants’ KPI quarterly and monthly
Control application processing by bank departments
Simplify bonus calculation

Project features

Geographically spread company structure
End-to-end automation of mortgage loan provision
Integration with the bank's internal systems
Implementation of a fault-tolerant cluster
Specifically designed interface
Quick start – after project completion and user training, the employees started working in the system immediately


The transparent process of mortgage loan provision
Results in figures


regions of Russia
Results in figures


46% of the bank employees use the system in their day-to-day work
Results in figures




«Under this project, Navicon consultants in collaboration with us implemented end-to-end mortgage loan process automation – from an application via our website to the mortgage closing – based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The arrangement of the end-to-end process in a unified framework has improved the quality of our sales analytics and the accuracy of our planning. The integration with our bank’s internal systems ensured high-quality control of the process and decreased the number of manual operations for the employees to perform. It also enhanced the efficiency of each worker because they now spend less time doing routine tasks. The system is convenient and easy-to-use, as the consultants were very attentive to user requirements to the interface during the development phase. The users' transition to the new system was smooth because of the well managed training process».
Denis Sumin, IT Director at DeltaCredit bank

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