Project for Merz Pharma

A project for the Russian branch: distributors' data consolidation and analytics by means of Navicon TDC

The consolidation and analysis of distribution network's operational data
2 months

Project goals

Optimize large-scale product shipments
Ensure receiving up-to-date information on the distribution network's performance
Ensure the prompt analysis of current and prospective sales
Speed up data processing, reduce the workload of the company's analysts

Project features

A ready-made solution enabled the contractor to deploy all the necessary accounting & analytical tools within the company quickly and efficiently
In general, the client did not have to draw its own resources away from the regular activities or to adjust its shipping routine


A convenient tool for distributors' performance analysis allowed the client company to reduce the workload of the analytical department. The pharmaceutical company is now able to quickly process the incoming information and estimate the effectiveness of distribution channels one by one.
Results in figures


months from the project start to the operational use of the solution
Results in figures


solution to consolidate and analyse the data from all the distributors


«We needed an effective solution that could be implemented in short terms, with minimal costs, and without distracting our employees from their main work, let alone emergency interruptions in shipments. Navicon SalesOut solution is allowing us to consolidate the information we receive from our distributors – often in various formats – and to analyse it very quickly and effectively. Our information processing speed has improved, our staff's workload has decreased, while the senior management got a tool to analyse and evaluate the performance of our distributors as well as the effectiveness of this or that particular channel».
Sergey Golovko, Head of Strategic Planning and Business Analysis at Merz Russia

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